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Io, Arlecchino (I, Harlequin)

Officina della Comunicazione & Rai Cinema

Housewife’s favourite, Paolo Milesi has it all: looks, women, money and his own popular daytime TV show. But his perfect world begins to crumble when his ageing father’s health takes an unexpected turn for the critical. He rushes to his home town only to find the old actor stubbornly rehearsing to perform his beloved Harlequin one last time. As the old wounds of their difficult relationship are reopened, the magical world of Comedia Dell’Arte begins to seduce Paolo, and make him question his own superficial existence.

Directors: Matteo Bini, Giorgio Pasotti

Producers: Nicola Salvi, Elisabetta Sola

Writers: Maurice Caldera, Matteo Bini

Music: Matt Kelly

Cinematography: Charlie Goodger

Editing: Michele Chiappa

Production Design: Franca Bertagnolli

Costumes: Veronica Molteni

Sound: Nikola Medic

Duration: 88 min
Rome Film Festival 2014
Habana Film Festival 2014
Festival du Film Italien
du Villerupt  2014 (France)
Rencontres du Cinéma Italien 2014 (France)
Public Award
Ciné Sans Frontiers (France)
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